Google Calendar?

Is Google planning to launch a Google Calendar? Well there are lots of folks that seem to think so. The rumor mill is working overtime with speculation that Google will make a big announcement at the Web 2.0 Conference in Palo Alto, CA on Tuesday, and all signs point to a new Google Calendar.

This would be a terrific piece of functionality in my mind…if done well. There are a lot of calendar tools out there, and most fail miserably. I recently signed up for Trumba after participating in a BzzAgent campaign, and I really like the service. I can share my calendar with friends, family and co-workers on a scheduled basis, and it syncs seamlessly with my Outlook. Overall, it is better than anything else I have found.

Still, there is a lot left to be desired, and Google might be able to provide that answer. My biggest concern about Google Calendar is whether or not it will sync with my Outlook. If it doesn’t, I probably won’t use it. Let’s hope it does.

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