The “Steve Woda LinkedIn Profile” is up and running

I spent a few minutes today working on my "Steve Woda LinkedIn Profile".  I love LinkedIn, and I like the idea of having an online profile that folks can refer to if they want to get the basics on who you are.  I have to be honest though, there are too many of these things out there, and it will be nice when one company has become the defacto standard.

This ties into my favorite subject, portable trust and reputation.  The Wall Street Journal discussed portable reputation on 8/2/06, and they mentioned a few of the companies in this space including Trufina and Opinity.  This subject is going to get bigger and bigger this next year, and I expect buySAFE will be leading the charge with its portable trust signal, the buySAFE Seal.

Important Portable Trust & Reputation blogs:
buySAFE blog
Trufina blog
Opinity blog
Rapleaf blog

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