Google acquires Jotspot and its Wiki service

One of my favorite online services, JotSpot, was just acquired by Google.  JotSpot provides a robust do-it-yourself publishing application enabling anyone to create, publish, and share collaborative and personalized wiki applications.  JotSpot powers the wikis for thousands of businesses, and many of them are major brands including eBay.

Google’s acquisition of JotSpot will complement a number of Google’s product offerings including PageCreator, Google Docs and Spreadsheets, Google Groups, and Google Calendar.

The only question is whether the JotSpot team will stick around long enough to make sure the service doesn’t fall apart during the transition.  These types of transitions can throw current users for a loop when they start having trouble getting a hold of customer services, etc…  I am hopeful that the transition works well, and I am looking forward to an offering that is integrated with Google’s other products.

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