Daily Roundup for 2007-12-09

  • Happy Holiday for European Web Shops? – eMarketer
    Retail e-commerce continues to grow in the largest Western European economies. 160.6 million European Internet users visited online retail sites in the month of October 2007.  This article provides a number of other interesting facts about European ecommerce.
  • This week PayPal released a new Web widget that lets you embed a virtual storefront onto your blog or any Web site that uses HTML code. The PayPal Storefront Widget allow you to list products, set prices and start selling in an online storefront format.  This Widget has real utility, and so you will want to check it out.

  • E.W. Scripps Co., the parent company of Shopzilla (among many other things) will become two separately traded companies – Scripps Networks Interactive for national and global lifestyle media such as the Scripps cable networks, and E.W. Scripps Co. for local media, such as its newspapers and TV stations.  In this interview, the CEO gives his vision of the company’s future.
  • Do you know what Twitter is yet? It’s the reason more and more of the blogs you read have been referring to people as @innonate and @robmay. Twitter is a social network based on one simple concept: What are you doing?  I am not sure I totally understand the utility of Twitter, but its popularity is growing, so I thought I would bookmark this article for you to learn a bit more.

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