Google TiSP – A FREE in-home wireless broadband service!

Google launches new services with astonishing speed, and today’s announcement is no exception.  The latest Google invention is designed to help budget in these challenging economic times.

Starting today (4/1/08), you can sign up for Google TiSP. With Google TiSP, you’ll get a speedy broadband connection for free! You can also pay extra for a faster connection.

Of course, there are a few fine print details to Google’s TiSP service. For example, you’ll need to install TiSP yourself. So read the details carefully. Obviously, you will want to understand what rights you’re giving away when you use the TiSP service.

Google’s TiSP only works with Windows. But Google promises that support for the Mac is coming soon.

Learn more about the Google TiSP (BETA), a FREE in-home wireless broadband service>>

One thought on “Google TiSP – A FREE in-home wireless broadband service!

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