links for 2009-04-17

  • Police in Surrey, B.C., are warning people to secure their belongings while driving after a young woman was apparently killed by her laptop last month.
    Heather Storey, 25, of Delta died after the small car she was driving was hit by a tow truck turning left.
    When investigators looked into the incident, however, they concluded she would have survived if not for her laptop computer.
  • While surfing the Web in December, Keren Brophy got a message on her computer screen telling her to update her antivirus software.
    The pop-up message looked similar to Windows security warnings she’d routinely received. She paid $49.99 for a program called Antivirus 2009 from a company calling itself Meyrocorp and thought she was safe.
    A few days after she installed the software, Ms. Brophy’s computer wouldn’t boot up properly and soon was unusable; she noticed the desktop icon for the software she’d bought had disappeared.
    She had to wipe her hard drive clean to get the computer working again. Hoping for a refund, she sent an e-mail to Meyrocorp but got only automated replies.
    (tags: Security)

  • Late yesterday, Apple made a third beta version of iPhone OS 3.0 available to its developer base. The changes are minor, but the continued refinement shows that Apple is moving forward at a quick pace.
    Now that developers have a whole new batch of tools to work with when it comes to iPhone / iPodTouch OS 3.0, Apple is making sure they are kept up to date with the latest builds of the platform. Yesterday, the third beta appeared along with an updated SDK.
    According to iPodTouchFans, the updates include:
    * MMS works with modified carrier bundle on German T-Mobile network.
    * Spotlight now saves the last search.
    * Speed improvements.
    * Option for iPods that let you change what your double tap home button is.
    * You can change Spotlight to search for what you want to search for ex everything but applications.
    * iPod icon is aligned.
    * Restrictions now add In-App Purchases and Location.
    (tags: iphone)
  • Second and third rounds of financing for startups often come at critical times, as three different IT software firms found out this week.
    Ravenflow, FastScale, Solera Networks, and Collective Media all announced fresh infusions of cash from venture capital firms. Each said that they will use the additional financing to expand business or — as in Collective Media’s case — explore acquisitions.
    Collective Media reported the largest purse. The company said Tuesday that it closed $20 million in growth equity financing with Accel Partners, a company known for backing some of online media’s major players, such as Facebook, Glam, Trulia, and Admob.
    (tags: vc)
  • The iPhone 3.0 software is getting closer to its summer release date, and Apple is letting developers tinker with it by releasing the third beta.
    Apple showed off the next generation of iPhone software last month, and it addressed many nagging complaints users had with the touch-screen smartphone. For example, it added cut-and-paste functionality, the ability to receive multimedia messages, and stereo Bluetooth.
    (tags: iphone)
  • On a recent weekday afternoon, a business jet landed at one of two private air terminals in Washington’s Dulles International Airport. About half a dozen passengers climbed out, two of them talking on cell phones, and proceeded to the terminal.
    John Meehan, general manager of Landmark Aviation, which operates the terminal, watched.
    “We’ve been here, what, about two minutes? Now the bags are loaded. They’re walking through. They’re going to be in their cars and gone in about five minutes,” Meehan said.

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