links for 2009-04-22

  • Get ready to see more baked goods, custom-designed clothes, jewelry — and even horse saddle pads — on the market.
    Those are some of the products that laid-off workers are hawking as they try to grow small businesses. And many more goods and services are likely to come as jobs disappear and the government encourages entrepreneurial ventures.
  • Lauren Bernsen, a 25-year-old Nordstrom jewelry manager, had never written a line of computer code – that is, until the iPhone came along.
    Now the Palo Alto resident spends many nights bathed in the blue light of her computer screen creating her first iPhone application, a travel organizer program.
    “I was seduced by my own idea and the iPhone platform, which made it less of an unattainable thing,” Bernsen said.
    The popular iPhone has inspired a wave of creativity among software developers, many of whom have aspirations of making a quick buck from the popular iPhone, 17 million units of which have been sold. But the device is also luring non-programmers, people like Bernsen who had never considered software development until now.
    (tags: iphone)

  • Over the weekend, President Obama appointed yet another former venture capitalist to his adminstration, naming Aneesh Chopra the country’s first chief technology officer. While Chopra is known more as a policy maker – since 2005 he has served as Virginia’s Secretary of Technology – he does have a smidge of experience as a venture capitalist.
    (tags: vc Politics)
  • Once a mountaineer climbs over 7,000m they enter the death zone – at these altitudes the human body uses up its store of oxygen faster than it can be replenished. Staying this high without some form of supplementary oxygen will eventually result in death.
    Chris Warner is no stranger to the death zone, having visited it many times during his mountaineering career. He has summited many of the world’s highest peaks, including Everest and K2. Chris is also a founder and director of Earth Treks Inc., a professional climbing guide service specializing in rock and ice climbing instruction and international mountaineering expeditions since 1990.
    (tags: Leadership)
  • Ryan Wuerch runs Motricity, a company that delivers much of the mobile data you may rely on daily, such as applications, news feeds and ring tones. Like many other CEOs, he has a lot riding on him. Stress is always part of his job.
    He runs marathons, which he says not only keep him physically fit but provide major stress relief. What really sets his mind at ease, though, is a bowl of chips and some good salsa and guacamole with friends.
    (tags: Leadership)
  • In today’s unforgiving business climate, what exactly should CEOs say when they make a mistake or suffer a setback of their own making? There are really only two options.
    Plan A is to hunker down and hope that no one notices, disclose nothing, admit less, be stingy with facts and, when pinned down, delay and blame forces beyond your control. The business, under Plan A, is a fortress. The only protection is to keep the moats filled and the gates lowered. Besides, apologizing shows weakness and indecision. Leaders can’t allow their followers to get rattled at this perilous time. Isn’t an apology akin to an admission of liability that will be turned against you when the lawsuits start flying? The lawyers, God bless them, will always give you cover when you go with Plan A.
    (tags: Leadership)
  • It may be time to dump one of the canards of the technology world – that Macs are safe from viruses. Earlier this year, reports of a possible Mac attack started appearing but now experts have confirmed that malware targeting Apple is out in the wild – and that it works.
    After an initial spot by Intego in January, Symantec researchers Mario Ballano Barcena and Alfredo Pesoli have gone on to examine two Trojans – the snappily-titled OSX.Iservice and OSX.Iservice.B – and describe the way they can insert themselves on Apple machines to set up a botnet.
    (tags: apple Security)

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