links for 2009-05-05

  • In recent years, companies led by Amazon, Microsoft, and Google have helped usher in the era of cloud computing, in which businesses and individuals lease access to computing on demand, paying only for as much processing power as they need. And as often happens when a new industry emerges, there’s been a flurry of startup activity in the cloud-computing industry over the past year or so.
    One startup, called Cloudkick, hopes to provide a simpler way to manage data stored across several different cloud-computing services. Cloudkick provides a unified, Web-based interface for monitoring data regardless of the cloud provider hosting it.
    Another feature launched recently by Cloudkick, called Cloudshift, lets customers transfer data between different cloud-computing providers with just a few clicks.
    (tags: Cloud)
  • LogRhythm, the company that makes log data useful, today announced that it has been named a Colorado Company to Watch for 2009 by the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade and a consortium of private and public organizations dedicated to supporting second-stage businesses in Colorado. The inaugural 50 Colorado Companies to Watch Awards recognize firms that demonstrate significant employee or sales growth, exceptional entrepreneurial leadership, and sustainable competitive advantage. Winners will be honored at a special award ceremony in Denver on Thursday, June 25, 2009.
    More than 250 companies were nominated for the Colorado Companies to Watch, a unique awards program that recognizes and celebrates the contribution, innovation and energy of diverse second-stage companies in the nation. These companies work behind-the-scenes generating the bulk of new jobs and are a powerful economic force underpinning the high quality of life most Americans enjoy.
    (tags: grotech vc)

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