links for 2009-05-09

  • HammerTap, which provides market research services to eBay sellers, announced that its president Greg Cole has recently acquired sole ownership of HammerTap and its associated companies. Previous owners Brian Clark, Todd Baum and Joe Rowberry along with former CEO Ty Hawkins are stepping down.
    “Over the past year, our companies have transitioned focus from offering a wide array of services, including personal business mentoring, to a more focused effort toward developing innovative online business software products,” Cole stated in a press release. “Changes in ownership and leadership within the company are a natural and progressive step in this process.”
    (tags: eBay)
  • Little known fact: Apple and Microsoft were both started without venture capital and both started in a recession. So what’s your fledgling company need to do to navigate the current economic climate?
    I got a pitch the other day from some fine fellows over at BDO Seidman, an accounting and consulting firm that participated in 73 public and private offerings, producing proceeds in excess of $10 billion over the past two years. Partners Bob Strasser and Bob Pearlman have a suggestion for startups: You can be wildly successful without VC investments in a down market.

  • Last fall, a New York-based startup called Aviary went live, offering digital artists an online image-editing tool with features that could normally only be found in expensive software. Last month, the company released software that lets anyone integrate these tools into their website; some sites are now using the software to reinvent the way that they use images, allowing visitors to contribute cartoons for contests, modify photographs in newspapers, and even tweak the overall design of an online storefront.
  • eMarketer: Has the recession changed how people shop online?
    Scot Wingo: It has. I think what consumers do is they get more value-conscious and they start to price-check a lot more. So we see that at ChannelAdvisor because we work with comparison shopping engines and sites like eBay and Amazon. Consumers have more time and less money. They’ve made a huge swing in how they shop.
    (tags: ecommerce)

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