links for 2009-05-19

  • Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) recently said they are not worried about the recent success of Android on the G1 handset and that Windows Mobile has felt little impact from its release. Is Microsoft just talking smack, or are they really not worried about it?
    Mobile News shares some comments from David Weeks, a Windows Mobile product manager.
    We’re not worried about Android – Nokia (NYSE: NOK) and BlackBerry are probably more badly hit by it. We’re on forecast. 100,000 sales is very low considering the amount of marketing T-Mobile put into the advertisement of the G1. A high-end feature phone like the G1 would usually sell 500,000 units for the money they invested.
    Now, keep in mind this is the UK market. Overall, the G1 has sold over 1 million devices since launch, but according to Weeks, moving only 100,000 in the UK market in a few months is a poor showing for a device like this.
  • Do parents really know the deal when it comes to their kids and sexting? John Walsh, host of “Americas Most Wanted” said they don’t have a clue.
    That’s why it’s incredibly important to sit down with your child and talk about the dangers of this growing problem, Walsh told FOX and Friends Thursday morning.
    “I talk to my 14-year-old son — but the bad news is that 1 in 4 teens say ‘hey, hey hey… parents don’t know what the heck they’re talking about… and every teenager thinks they’re bullet proof,” Walsh said. “But when that picture shows up in cyberspace, and that college admissions director sees that looking at the Myspace page or the Facebook page — or they hear about it, or the kid gets arrested for distributing a sexy picture — you know — then it’s going to come back to haunt that kid.”

  • Top Silicon Valley venture firms like Draper Fisher Jurvetson and Sequoia Capital are taking a close look at very early-stage start-ups – some of which need only a small injection of cash to launch – and considering backing as many as 12 of them per year.
    This is because they may be formalizing a longstanding relationship with Saeed Amidi, a one-time Persian rug merchant and one of the Valley’s gurus of up-and-coming technology companies.
    “Saeed is a brilliant businessman,” said Tim Draper, managing director of Draper Fisher Jurvetson, which has co-invested with Amidi.
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  • Even at a time when venture capital dollars are scarce, some first-time entrepreneurs remain reluctant to lower valuations and find a way to work with investors on terms.
    Valuations skyrocketed in recent years – a $15 billion valuation for Facebook Inc. in 2007, for example – but in the past several months, as the public markets crashed, private-company values have fallen hard, by as much as 40% some investors say. If you’re the head of a hot, young start-up seeking capital, you may not agree and hold steadfast to your terms. But is now the time to lower expectations?
  • When Audrey Spangenberg idly typed “FirePond,” the name of her small software company, into Google this year, she was not happy with what she saw.
    Her company’s site came up as the top search listing. But just above it, Google showed the ads of competitors that had paid Google to display their marketing messages whenever someone searched for FirePond, a registered trademark.
    “I was furious,” said Ms. Spangenberg, chief executive of FPX, which does business as FirePond.
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