links for 2009-08-26

  • Giving truly great presentations requires skill, work, and practice. Giving catastrophic presentations is far easier. So if you want to take the easy way out and look like a rank amateur, here are 15 surefire tips to guarantee that you leave a really, really bad impression.
  • The folks at Brazen Careerist realize college students and young professionals aren’t always able to pull from years of previous work experience when marketing themselves to potential employers. And that often puts them at a competitive disadvantage. So, instead of sticking with the status quo, they decided to turn existing traditional online career management tools on their ear.
    With the launch of the new Brazen community, members can now showcase their intellectual horsepower (or potential) through their ideas…ideas that can lead to creative solutions to complex problems. And if there’s one word that describes today’s business landscape, it’s complexity.
    (tags: career)

  • Brazen Careerist has quietly been a great place to connect with young Generation Y adults who care about changing the world, turning their passions into careers, and advancing themselves. It was co-founded by Penelope Trunk, a well-known author and columnist in the area of careers, along with Ryan Healy and Ryan Paugh.
    Primarily the Brazen Careerist website was focused on articles and blog posts from the community (a blog network), but that all changed an hour ago when the website transformed from a community website into an all-out social network, focused on flipping the conventional wisdom surrounding the resume by focusing on “idea feeds.”
    (tags: career)
  • Organized cyber-gangs in Eastern Europe are increasingly preying on small and mid-size companies in the United States, setting off a multimillion-dollar online crime wave that has begun to worry the nation’s largest financial institutions.
    (tags: security)
  • A lot of people have been asking lately if the venture model is broken. But it seems to me that it’s just decrepit. Like an aging, rotund former football star, the venture industry is scratching its head and realizing that its glory days are long past. The industry collectively doesn’t really know how to handle its new reality. In the heyday, top-quartile funds might have gotten away with treating their important stakeholders arrogantly, but given that even top-quartile firms have not provided great returns over the past 10 years, venture GPs will need to make herculean efforts and adhere to a strict regimen in order to make the upcoming cut. With almost the entire industry needing to raise new funds over the next two years, there may be few survivors. I propose a three-step makeover plan for those paunchy firms that are on the edge.
  • Tweets, texts and feeds — oh my. It’s enough to make anyone go batty — if it lets you. But like it or not, as I mentioned in my last column, we need a new set of skills to “keep up” and manage our streams, rather than let them manage us. Here are my three favorite tips.
    (tags: social media)

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