links for 2009-09-12

  • The real-time search race is entering its next leg. After about a dozen start-ups rushed to launch basic search pages showing real-time results, a few are releasing application programming interfaces in hopes that developers will build a useful ecosystem of apps around them.
    Collecta, a startup that models its architecture on financial data services, is the latest one to do this. It’s releasing an API today that will let other applications pull in its search results. For example, a Fantasy Football application could pull in real-time results from Collecta on all of a team’s players to let a sports fan know immediately how his favorite athletes are doing. Or a brand management tool could rely on Collecta to scour the web for what people are saying about a company in real-time.
  • Most social network users have heard of the consequences of having an unprofessional profile page, and know potential employers might look them up online.
    A summer 2009 survey conducted by Harris Interactive for found that 45% of US human resources professionals used social networks to research job candidates at least occasionally.
    (tags: HR career)

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