links for 2009-09-18

  • Everyone knows that reputation matters when it comes to VC firms. But are limited partners making a mistake when they reflexively cast their lot with the industry’s bold-faced names?
    “It amazes me to see certain funds raising money, and I look at their portfolio and wonder how they’re doing it,” said Rodney Altman, senior partner at CMEA Capital. “Sometimes there is great branding and great charisma and LPs are seduced by that.”
    Altman spoke today at a panel on the state of the venture capital industry at the Dow Jones Private Equity Analyst Conference in New York, where three VCs and one LP discussed the state of venture capital in front of an audience that happened to include one of the venture industry’s most charismatic self-promoters, Timothy Draper of Draper Fisher Jurvetson.
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  • Many of us have readied for our physical death by doing such things as getting life insurance and wills in place. Now a number of websites want to prod us into prepping our virtual selves for the afterlife. They’re offering digital safekeeping for documents, online passwords, and other data that could prove crucial or comforting to grieving relatives and friends.

  • You have a variety of tools at your disposal that give you the opportunity to speak to the social media universe. Blogs allow you to publish content and provide your readership with the opportunity to comment. Media sharing sites enable you to upload images, video and other media. You can then present that to the public as is or to incorporate it into your blog. Social networks, such as FaceBook and LinkedIn, provide the opportunity to tell the world what you are doing and direct people to your blogs, uploaded media or other sources of your content. You should use all three, but the degree and priority depends upon your circumstances.
    Whether you’re starting from scratch or seeking to revitalize a current effort, it is necessary to layout a framework in which you can consistently generate quality content and deliver it to the right people. The following steps will walk you through this planning process.

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