links for 2009-10-16

  • Jason Calacanis has taken on a new cause, outing angel groups that charge entrepreneurs to pitch. I agree with Jason that any angel group that charges an entrepreneur to pitch should be avoided. It suggests to me that the group is more about making money on pitch fees than investing.
    I've also seen "startup fundraising agents" out there that charge entrepreneurs upfront cash to make intros to potential investors. They should also be avoided. A basic rule of thumb for fundraising agents is that they must work on a success fee basis or you should not use them. Otherwise, they have no incentive to see you actually get funded.
  • A new study has confirmed what George Washington University students already knew: Their school officials are obsessive Twitterers.
    About 58 times a day, some university staff member sends a message in 140 characters or less, telling students about free depression screenings or flu shots, Foggy Bottom Metro closures, grant application due dates and upcoming lectures ("Jeb Bush coming to campus? You bet!").
    Then last week, amid the dozens of GWU-sanctioned tweets, came this one from @GWTweets: "GW named most active college for Twitter use!"
    (tags: Twitter GWU)

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