links for 2009-10-30

  • Google Inc has introduced a new feature that will allow consumers to use its Google Voice service without switching to a special phone number, potentially broadening the appeal of the nascent, and controversial, service.
    Google said late Monday that new users of its service will be able to have the calls that they don’t answer forwarded to a special Google Voice electronic mailbox, essentially bypassing the voicemail provided by their phone carriers.
    Google Voice offers a variety of voicemail management features, including unlimited storage and text transcription of voicemail messages.
    The service also allows consumers to make low-priced international calls by routing portions of the call over Google’s infrastructure and the Internet.
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  • he body of a 17-year-old girl was found in a ditch yesterday after she was lured to her death by a man she met on the internet.
    Ashleigh Hall told friends she had a date with a lad of 16 who had contacted her on Facebook. A 32-year-old who is believed to be on the sex offenders register was last night being questioned on suspicion of murder.
    He allegedly confessed after he was arrested for a minor motoring offence in Sedgefield, Co Durham.

  • Move along folks, nothing to see here. I know that the headlines have been overflowing with the breaking news that Google will now let you use Google Voice with your existing cell phone number, but the limited functionality of the new Google Voice option is hardly anything to get excited about.
    Google developed the new Google Voice option to cater to those who want the features and benefits of Google Voice, but without having to switch phone numbers. People spend years sharing contact information and expanding their social network by sharing their mobile phone number, so it is understandable that some are reluctant to change the primary phone number people should use to contact them.
    The problem is that the new Google Voice option is lacking any of the features that make Google Voice worth using.
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  • The easiest way to deal with a lousy boss? Quit and go to work somewhere else.
    But who can do that today? With unemployment at 9.8% and White House economist Christina Romer telling a congressional panel last week that it is likely to remain “at its severely elevated level” through 2010, few employees have that luxury.
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    Jim Camp, a Dublin, Ohio, executive coach who has consulted with the FBI on hostage negotiation tactics, believes there are less extreme measures you can take that will work just as well. He insists that you can overcome any boss problem with skilled negotiating.

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