links for 2009-11-16

  • Hackers can exploit a flaw in Adobe's Flash to compromise nearly every Web site that allows users to upload content, including Google's Gmail, then launch silent attacks on visitors to those sites, security researchers said today.

    Adobe did not dispute the researchers' claims, but said that Web designers and administrators have a responsibility to craft their applications and sites to prevent such attacks.

    "The magnitude of this is huge," said Mike Murray, the chief information security officer at Orlando, Fla.-based Foreground Security. "Any site that allows user-uploadable content is vulnerable, and most are not configured to prevent this."

    The problem lies in the Flash ActionScript same-origin policy, which is designed to limit a Flash object's access to other content only from the domain it originated from, added Mike Bailey, a senior security researcher at Foreground.

  • Apple CEO Steve Jobs is considered one of the greatest corporate storytellers on the world stage. Jobs inspires intense loyalty and also scares the heck out of his people. But there is no question he has transformed the typical dull, plodding, technical presentation into a theatrical experience. Here are 7 techniques that Jobs has learned about inspiring his audience; tips that you can use to wow your employees, customers, investors, or anyone else you need to motivate.

  • There were days in my lead gen life where I could have easily left for lunch and not come back for four hours. MIT data shows that that might have been a good idea!

    Gerhard Gschwandtner of Selling Power just highlighted last year's MIT / study of outbound prospecting lead conversion. The report details such information as the right time of day to call, the best day of the week, how the response time to a lead impacts conversion, etc.

    It got me thinking. For many reps, unless territory comes into play, lead gen exists in a three-time-zone map. For years we've been able to sort our lists by time zone, but what if we could tune it even further and optimize the effectiveness our day using the MIT stats?

  • Parallels on Wednesday released an upgrade of its virtualization software for running Windows and Linux alongside Mac OS X in Intel (NSDQ: INTC)-based Macs, claiming the new version is three times faster than its predecessor.

    Parallels Desktop 5 for Mac has more than 70 new features, including the choice of running Windows in full-screen mode, over the Mac user interface, or in the new Crystal view that provides access to Windows and Mac apps from the Mac dock.

    Along with the increased flexibility in using Desktop, Parallels is marketing the overall performance boost in the upgrade. The vendor claims Desktop 5 is up to 300% faster overall than Desktop 4 and offers seven times better graphic performance for games and 3-D applications.

  • Yesterday I mentioned the importance of using dynamic content to give users something to engage with and make your site more social media-friendly. That sounds good, but how does a small business owner go about that? How do you make your site more dynamic? What types of content should SMB owners be producing or aggregating to attract users, increase time spent on site and to help create a community?

    Below are seven examples of dynamic content that can help you do just that.

    Video: Video content is a great form of “sticky” content because it attracts people to your site and then keeps them there. As we’ve mentioned previously, it’s also perfectly suited for small businesses. Creating How To videos can help people learn how to use your product. It personalizes your company by breaking down that third wall. It entertains and educates. And it lets your customers get to you know, see your face and hear your voice.

    (tags: website design)

  • Despite a global economic slowdown that is hurting the mobile market, smartphone shipments continued to rise in the third quarter, according to a report from research firm IDC.

    Thanks to popular devices like Apple's iPhone 3GS, handset makers shipped 43.3 million smartphones during the third quarter of 2009, a 4.2% year-over-year increase. IDC expects this trend to continue, and the market for smartphones will grow at a faster rate than the overall cell phone market.

    Nokia remains the global leader with about 37.9% of the smartphone market. The company just released its first Linux-based smartphone, the N900, and it's ramping up its service offerings, including music, maps, navigation, and application delivery. While its global leadership is secure, Nokia continues to struggle in North America, IDC said.

  • In 1961, when Joe Navarro was 8, the Bay of Pigs invasion happened six miles from his home in Cienfuegos, Cuba, and his family fled to Miami. The boy knew no English, so he relied on careful observation of his peers, neighbors and teachers to figure out how things were done in his new country.

    That close reading of nonverbal clues turned into a lifelong pursuit. Navarro, 56, worked for 25 years as a counterintelligence special agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and since 2003 he has been a consultant to the Energy and State Departments and the Institute for Defense Analysis, in Washington. His latest book, Louder Than Words: Take Your Career from Average to Exceptional with the Hidden Power of Nonverbal Intelligence, applies all his knowledge to the business world.

  • Wading through e-mail is one of the primary woes of office workers everywhere. Despite many theories on how workers should process their incoming messages, most people still seem to feel buried in the flood. This week at Defrag 2009, a technology conference in Denver focused on tools and technologies for handling online data, experts suggested that the best strategies for fixing e-mail might rely on information and strategies drawn from social Web technologies.

    "E-mail is kind of this giant, endless task list, and you're really the slave to a lot of stuff that comes to you," said Lili Cheng, general manager of Microsoft's future social experiences labs. She believes that incoming messages need to be organized and sorted in a more automated fashion.

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