links for 2009-11-24

  • The pursuit of Lee Shelton began the moment the convicted sex offender was released from prison.
    It ended months later with a U.S. Marshals Service helicopter hovering near a D.C. junior high school as Shelton kissed a 14-year-old boy. In between, authorities used two Global Positioning System devices to help track him, learned he was online at the library and seized a secret laptop with a power source in the trunk of his car. His parole was revoked, and he is back in jail.
    Shelton, who originally was convicted of molesting boys at the National Air and Space Museum and on the grounds of the Washington Monument, is one of thousands of sex offenders accused of similar crimes after their release from prison or while on probation. His parole violation illustrates the challenges of monitoring hundreds of thousands of offenders.
  • According to the golden rule, he who has the gold makes the rule. In the land of venture capital, however, the question is: Who actually has the gold?
    Advertised as a celebration of entrepreneurs, last week’s Ernst & Young Strategic Growth Forum mostly served as a networking junket for venture capital managers to meet the small businesses of their investing future. Between the glad-handing there were business proposal swaps and face-to-face meetings that could serve as the first step in a multi-year process.
    At this early stage, everyone seemed to be in agreement on just above everything – except, that is, the idea of control once the dotted line is signed on a term sheet.

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