links for 2009-11-27

  • In my last post, I described 5 decision making options leaders can choose, depending on the amount of time allowed and input and buy-in needed.
    This post will describe a process a leader can use to help a group reach an efficient consensus decision.
    First of all, it’s important to define what’s meant by “consensus”.
    Here’s a definition that’s worked for me:
    “Consensus is a decision that every member of the group has had input to, understands, and is willing to support.”
    Note that consensus does not mean that everyone agrees with the decision 100%. It mean’s they’ve had their say – and have been listened to – and at the end of the day, are committed to supporting the decision. The final decision is owned by the group.
    (tags: leadership)
  • Skipping school to attend a Cubs game as part of an annual Ferris Bueller's Day Off-inspired day-long class cut. Participating in a mustache-growing competition or a cutthroat wheelbarrow-pull event. Donning suit jackets and boxers for a pub crawl or bidding on a dinner party with a favorite professor. Attempting to play ice hockey or learning to box when this skill set suddenly matters. Being served mimosas by faculty members.
    (tags: mba wharton)

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