links for 2009-12-18

  • Prof. Ian MacMillan helps develop an online game that gives underserved youth access to entrepreneurship skills and Wharton undergrads a chance to teach them.
    “Oh no, I hate rats! I can’t have rats in my store. I need to get a cat and an exterminator!” exclaimed one store owner. A nearby store owner, who was dealing with a flood, could be heard yelling, “That’s not fair! My stuff can’t be ruined like that!” And a few stores down, another owner was realizing that not only did he have to pay rent and electricity, but also a year’s worth of taxes all in the same month. “Do I really have to pay the taxes?” he asked.
    These are all real problems that entrepreneurs can face, however these vocal store owners were actually West Philadelphia High School juniors and seniors playing the Johnny Money Online Game in a class taught by Wharton undergraduates.
  • Tenacity is probably the most important attribute in an entrepreneur. It’s the person who never gives up – who never accepts “no” for an answer. The world is filled with doubters who say that things can’t be done and then pronounce after the fact that they “knew it all along.”

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