links for 2009-12-27

  • Social media strategists are dusting off their crystal balls to make their predictions for 2010. Recently, I took mine out at the FrogPond in an attempt to see the future and, lo and behold, my crystal ball had miraculously transformed into a Magic 8 Ball. I shook it and asked if some of my predictions for 2010 would come true, but the plastic thingy read, "Cannot predict now." At first, I thought it was busted, but then I realized my 8 ball was quite savvy. Technology changes so quickly in this space, it just couldn't keep up.
    Despite this, I pushed on and below you will find my top 5 social media implications for brands. Remember, these are the ones that were more likely to get a reading from the 8 ball of "It is decidedly so" than "My sources say no."
    (tags: social media)
  • One thing that hasn't faded during the Great Recession is our need to talk to each other — via cell phones. But increasingly that chatter is in the form of text messages.
    The latest figures from the cell phone industry's trade association show that, during 2009, most indicators were pointing up, including the number of U.S. subscribers, the average monthly bills, data traffic, and even the number of cell towers.
    Text messaging soared. During the first half of 2009, users sent about 740 billion text messages. That's about 4.1 billion per day, or nearly 17 texts per day by everyone with a data-capable phone.
    That total was about double the number seen in the first half of 2008, when "only" 386 billion text messages were dispatched.
    (tags: texting)

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