links for 2009-12-31

  • Security is one of the biggest concerns for business owners when deciding whether to use an online service like Google Apps.
    So what are the best ways to protect yourself when using it?
    Amit Agarwal is a professional blogger and technology columnist. He writes digital inspiration, a world-class technology blog. But Amit got hacked this week. He wrote about it on his blog, providing some excellent advice on how to protect yourself from a similar kind of attack.
    Amit wrote that he often receives false requests to change his password. He received a similar message this week, but ignored it. A few minutes later he started getting error messages. He could not get to his accounts.
    Amit had been hacked. He thinks that a hacker accessed a backup email that he had set up for his accounts.
  • Google’s computer operating system, due to be released next year, may rank among software most targeted by hackers in 2010, according to a Dec. 29 report from the computer security company McAfee (MFE).
    The Web-based operating system, dubbed Chrome, relies on a technology known as HTML 5 that’s designed to help Web applications behave like PC software. Developers use HTML 5 language to ensure that software delivers fast response times and stores information that users can access even when they’re not connected to the Internet.
    Yet because sites written with HTML 5 can directly access a user’s PC online or off, they may provide a rich target for cyber attacks, McAfee said in its “2010 Threat Predictions.”

  • The speculative madness surrounding Apple’s rumored tablet computer has finally reached its frothy peak.
    Tech’s chattering classes are obsessed with the unconfirmed product, which Apple (AAPL) may announce at an event in January, or February, or March, depending on which set of reports you adhere to. Apple, not surprisingly, is mum.
    The hunger for information—and misguided speculation—reminds me of the mistaken prognosticating about the iPhone before its introduction three years ago. It may be time to step back and realize that Apple may uncork a product so surprising that the company again leaves the tech industry scrambling to catch up to its products’ smooth operation and sleek design.
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