links for 2010-01-07

  • Good news for Google today as it launches the Nexus One, its own high-end mobile device. The proportion of adult U.S. subscribers owning smartphones jumped to 17% last year from 11% in 2008 and 7% in 2007, according to new data from Forrester Research.
    The growth rate has held steady from 2008 even as the user base has expanded — a good sign, because new technologies often initially have gaudy growth numbers before declining rapidly as adoption increases, said Forrester.
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  • Sophisticated videoconferencing isn’t just for only large-scale enterprise users anymore. Skype and some high-definition TV suppliers have announced that they will offer videoconferencing for home users in a few months.
    And the videoconferencing will be free, provided users are members of Skype’s service. Skype, recently separated from eBay, said Tuesday that LG Electronics and Panasonic will begin supplying features for the service on sets they plan to market later this year. In addition to new TVs, users must purchase Web cameras with microphones.
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  • Want Page 1 search engine result rankings? Of course you do; we all do. Well, what if I were to tell you of a little known way that profoundly increases your odds of getting a Page 1 search engine result – might that be of interest?
    I thought so.
    The answer is video. But not just any old video. It has to be search engine optimized video. Properly post that, and according to a recent study by Forrester Research, you stand a 53 times better chance of getting a Page 1 Google ranking.
    Yes, I know, the holy grail.
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  • Google is now officially a hardware retailer, having unveiled its Nexus One smartphone today, but a potential game-changing feature has nothing to do with the phone itself: Google will sell Nexus One with at least three carrier partners — T-Mobile, Verizon and Vodafone in the U.K. — as well as make it available as an unlocked phone that can be used on any global mobile network, including AT&T’s.
  • Google launched its own cell phone, a device called the Nexus One, at a press conference in Mountain View, CA, on Tuesday. Designed and built by the Taiwanese handheld-device company HTC in partnership with Google, the phone is being sold through a new online store that will sell not only Nexus One but also future devices based on Android, Google’s mobile operating system. Consumers can buy the Nexus One on its own, or with a service plan on T-Mobile’s network.
  • Here are my picks for the two most important trends of the decade we’re just starting:
    1. Change: The infrastructure of massive connection is now real. People around the world have cell phones. The first internet generation is old enough to spend money, go to work and build companies. Industries are being built every day (and old ones are fading). The revolution is in full swing, and an entire generation is eager to change everything because of it. Hint: it won’t look like the last one with a few bells and whistles added.
    2. Frustration: Baby boomers are getting old. Dreams are fading, and so is health. Boomers love to whine and we love to imagine that we’ll live forever and accomplish everything. This is the decade that reality kicks in. And, to top it off, savings are thin and resource availability isn’t what it used to be. A lot of people ate their emergency rations during the last decade. Look for this frustration to be acted out in public, and often.
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  • In a recent New York Times article, Kathryn Huberty, a Morgan Stanley analyst was quoted suggesting that Apple’s iPhone is the key catalyst for an important new technology trend. “Applications make the smartphone trend a revolutionary trend – one we haven’t seen in consumer technology for many years.” This argument rings true in that the “after iPhone” smartphone market is dramatically more interesting than the “pre-iPhone” smartphone market. Later, Ms. Huberty made an even bolder statement, “The iPhone is something different. It’s changing our behavior…The game that Apple is playing is to become the Microsoft of the smartphone market.” Or perhaps not.
  • Second-in-command is no guarantee to being next in line. Too often, nomination committees prefer external candidates.
    When a vacancy appears in the C-suite, companies prefer to look outside rather than promote the talent within.
    Succession planning is supposed to be about having a pool of potential future finance directors or chief executives but, in practice, the plan at many corporations is to look outside and raid the rivals.
    (tags: hr career)
  • For a short while, the thieves were one step ahead of the detectives. And for Swedish police and shoeshop owners, that was exactly the problem: why were people stealing the left shoes of designer footwear from Stockholm boutiques?
    Perhaps it was a case for Slipper of the Yard, but eventually the clues pointed only one way — to Denmark, where shops traditionally display the right shoe in their racks. Police were therefore able to announce yesterday that they had foiled a criminal masterplan to match up stolen left shoes from Malmö with the corresponding right shoes pilfered in Copenhagen.
    (tags: crime)

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