links for 2010-04-06

  • Today Apple sent out press invitations to an event it is holding Thursday, April 8. At the event it will showcase iPhone operating system 4.0, which promises to be a major update to the iPhone's OS.
    Apple has shared literally zero details about this event, but it's taking place Thursday. We know very little about iPhone OS 4.0, but the new operating system software for the iPhone is expected to be significant.
    Multitasking is one of the features that iPhone users have clamored for since iPhone OS 2.0 and the first third-party apps emerged in 2008. Last week, AppleInsider claimed to have information from a trusted source on iPhone OS 4.0. It describes the coming multitasking feature as similar to OS X's Expose feature, which sorts out all the active windows in a single layer so that all are visible at once.
  • It is either significant or merely interesting that William Golding dedicated his classic, "Lord of the Flies," to his mother and father. It is precisely the absence of parents, or any adult actually, that enables the boys of the island to descend into savagery, and it is the sudden appearance of an adult at the end that restores what we would now call law and order. This tale, way before its time, was a precursor to South Hadley High School in Massachusetts and the suicide of Phoebe Prince. It was the only way she could get off the island.

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