links for 2010-04-14

  • A group of sophisticated identity thieves managed to steal millions of dollars by filing bogus tax returns using the names and Social Security numbers of other people, many of them deceased, according to a 74-count indictment unsealed in Arizona Thursday.
    The thieves operated their scheme for at least three years from January 2005 to April 2008, allegedly filing more than 1,900 fraudulent tax returns involving about $4 million in refunds directed to more than 170 bank accounts. The conspirators used numerous fake IDs to open internet and phone accounts, and also used more than 175 different IP addresses around the United States to file the fake returns, which were often filed in bulk as if through an automated process.
    (tags: security Fraud)
  • This morning, Nokia piped up after a long silence and announced a handful of new messaging handsets. Two of the three devices run Nokia’s S60 platform, which is its more powerful smartphone operating system. Can these handsets survive in the iPhone and Android era?

  • Facebook is unveiling a revamped internal site designed to help people stay safe while surfing online.
    Facebook’s “Safety Center,” which features new tools for parents, teachers, teens and law enforcement, is the first major endeavor from the social networking site and its four-month-old global safety advisory board.
    The board is composed of Internet safety groups Common Sense Media, ConnectSafely, WiredSafety, Childnet International and The Family Online Safety Institute.
    Some new features of the safety center include four times more content on staying safe, such as dealing with bullying online, an interactive portal and a simpler design.
  • After weeks of hype and perhaps a bit of peer pressure, most people that picked up an iPad did so sight unseen. Most, if not all, had previous experience with the iPhone which runs the same basic OS and everyone knew that. Still, with the larger size that is closer to a PC tablet than a smartphone, the expectations may have been different enough that after forking over between $499 and $699, buyer’s remorse has set in.
    (tags: apple ipad)
  • Despite the long list of positive things Apple has done with iPhone OS 4.0, it left a number of things out of the new operating system. Here’s a few things that the iPhone faithful were hoping to see
    (tags: apple iphone)
  • The 37 year-old, a married father of two, posed as a man called Dom and contacted the girl, 12, at her home using an internet messaging system, Northampton Crown Court heard.
    Police traced Fullard after the 12-year-old Northamptonshire girl’s mother became worried about her computer use.

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