links for 2010-04-28

  • Have a pending lease decision? You have three choices: (i) go it alone, (ii) rely on some realtor or (iii) hire an experienced tenant representative.
    Why not go it alone? After all, you’re a successful businessperson and know the “market” is down. Well, whether you’re considering a renewal or focused on another facility, can you answer all of the following most basic questions with certainty?
    -How do you plan on protecting yourself against the landlord’s default? Not doing so can cause lease cancellation and/or significant maintenance problems.
    -What is appropriate for the landlord to pass through as an operating expense, and what’s the appropriate billing procedure?
    -How will you evaluate the MEP systems and negotiate your requirements into the lease to align with your facility needs?
  • A touch of Mission: Impossible has come to text messaging, with the launch of a new service called Safe Text. The system sends messages to mobile phones that self-destruct as soon as they have been read.
    With a raft of celebrities recently caught out by salacious text messages, the service’s creator, Ogilvy Advertising, says that “one day, everyone will have a facility like Safe Text”. Explicit messages from sportsmen Tiger Woods and Ashley Cole and TV presenter Vernon Kaye have all recently been made public.

  • I’ve been seeing a lot of news stories lately about cyberbullying. It has driven several teens to suicide. I don’t want this to happen to my kids. How can I protect my kids from cyberbullies?
    -Jane from Chicago listens to the show on WLS 890 AM
  • Researchers at the Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) are developing new ways to deal with the torrent of information flowing from social media sites like Twitter. They have developed a Twitter “topic browser” that extracts meaning from the posts in a user’s timeline. This could help users scan through thousands of tweets quickly, and the underlying technology could also offer novel ways of mining Twitter for information or for creating targeted advertising.
  • Tim Woda thought he knew everything necessary to keep his child safe on the Internet. He had parental control software on his teenage son’s computer and Woda himself worked in computer programming.
    Then, 18 months ago, he discovered his 15-year-old son was a target for an Internet predator. His son was on Facebook and talked to a new correspondent or “friend.” That friend turned out to be a 42-year-old lacrosse coach who was an online predator.
    Woda went to the authorities to investigate the case. Police said they didn’t have the resources and the case was out of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s jurisdiction. He started his own investigation, using his computer skills to find the predator’s identification. The information led to the man’s arrest.
    Woda started KidSafe, a program that provides information and will sell software to help parents monitor any threat on their children’s computers.

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