links for 2010-05-22

  • A White House technology adviser hired from Google was reprimanded for improperly contacting former colleagues in violation of Obama administration ethics rules, a spokesman said.
    U.S. Deputy Chief Technology Officer Andrew McLaughlin, Google's former head of global public policy, exchanged e-mails with "his former employer on topics within the scope of his official duties," which is prohibited by President Obama's ethics policies, Rick Weiss, a spokesman for the Office of Science and Technology Policy, said Tuesday in an e-mail.
  • Symantec Corp.'s decision to pay $1.28 billion to buy a division of VeriSign Inc. that sells security technology to websites highlights how quickly the companies are moving in opposite directions.
    Symantec, best known for its antivirus software for personal computers, wants to secure more things.
    With the VeriSign deal, announced Wednesday, Symantec will have spent nearly $3 billion in two years acquiring technologies that make it a bigger player in other parts of the security market, such as protecting data on mobile phones and delivering software over the Internet.

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