links for 2010-06-16

  • Are you concerned that your child’s thumbs might fall off as a result of sending too many text messages? Well join the club. If your home is anything like mine than you’re seeing the number of text messages being sent and received by your child head steadily upwards. The average American teen now sends or receives one text message every nine minutes!
    Text messaging is no longer just another way to connect with one another; it has become a cultural phenomenon. Parodies on television of teens and tweens texting to one another while in the same room are funny because we can all imagine our own children doing the same thing. We’re asked to text in our vote to American Idol. Barak Obama won the White House, in part, because of his team’s ability to engage young voters via text messaging. Pew recently confirmed what every parent with a teenager already knows – texting has become the preferred channel of basic communication between teens and tweens and their friends.

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