links for 2010-06-27

  • 195 Inc. Jewelry Online Sales:$60,000,000 Growth:-14.3% See More has learned how blogs and pop culture can create a buzz that draws in consumers and helps impress Google's search engine crawlers, Pinny Gniwisch, executive vice president and chief marketing officer at the online jewelry retailer, said today at the Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition. paid bloggers to write about the outfits donned by celebrities at the Oscars. The retailer then offered product descriptions of jewelry that was similar to the shiny rocks worn by movie stars for the awards ceremony.
  • The thing about habits is that for good and bad they require no thinking. An established habit, whether getting ready for work in the morning or having a whiskey after, is a pattern of behavior we’ve adopted—we stick to it regardless of whether it made sense when we initially adopted it, and whether it makes sense to continue with it years later. From a human irrationality perspective this means that something we do “just once” can wind up becoming a habit and part of our activities for a longer time than we envisioned.
    (tags: leadership)

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