links for 2010-07-02

  • Tech icon and Apple CEO Steve Jobs has to be a PR person's worst nightmare. By now, most people who care about Apple's latest iPhone know the device's reception problems. If a person's hand covers the lower left corner of the iPhone 4, then a call will drop off. The culprit appears to be a flaw in the smartphone's antenna, which is integrated in the metal band around the side of the device.
    Jobs, and therefore Apple, refuses to acknowledge there's a flaw in the iPhone's design, much to the chagrin of many dissatisfied customers. Apple advises customers not to hold the iPhone in a way that it will drop calls.
  • With the hand-held platform battle over market share heating up, more people are wondering just which platforms may be safer from attackers and snoops.
    Gartner analyst John Pescatore posed the question in his blog last Friday, likening some smart phone platforms to the PCs open platform and others to the more locked-down mainframe. Pescatore noted that, so far, the smart phones with more closed eco-systems are the most popular. Here's what he had to say:
    (tags: mobile safety)

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