links for 2010-07-20

  • Not all failures are the same. Here are five kinds, from frequency = good all the way to please-don't!
    FAIL OFTEN: Ideas that challenge the status quo. Proposals. Brainstorms. Concepts that open doors.
    FAIL FREQUENTLY: Prototypes. Spreadsheets. Sample ads and copy.
    FAIL OCCASIONALLY: Working mockups. Playtesting sessions. Board meetings.
    FAIL RARELY: Interactions with small groups of actual users and customers.
    FAIL NEVER: Keeping promises to your constituents.
  • One of the best ways to get started with link building is to obtain a backlink profile of your competitors and other major players in your space. There are two major reasons why this is a great approach:
    1. You can ask some of the people who link to your competition to link to you.
    2. You can discover the types of sites that are likely to link to sites like yours.
  • On the oddly named website, a young girl’s liquid eyes cry “save me.” A strip across her mouth is ripped away, symbolizing that she has no voice. And, in 22 languages, she pleads with Europe to stop pedophilia and other sex crimes by forcing search engines to save every keystroke for two years — and hand them over to police when asked. is the website affiliated with “Written Declaration 29,” a measure adopted recently by the European Parliament that advocates extending the European Union’s Data Retention Directive to include search engines. Its aim, sponsors say, is to ensure that women and children aren’t targeted by predators trolling the Internet for victims.

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