links for 2010-07-26

  • A lawyer for Facebook Inc. said she was “unsure” whether company founder Mark Zuckerberg signed a contract that purportedly entitles a New York man to 84 percent of the world’s biggest social-networking service.
    Paul Ceglia sued Facebook and Zuckerberg in state court June 30, claiming that an April 2003 contract entitles him to ownership of most of the closely held company. Ceglia’s lawyer produced a copy of the document for U.S. District Judge Richard Arcara today at a hearing in federal court in Buffalo, New York.
    “Whether he signed this piece of paper, we’re unsure at this moment,” Facebook lawyer Lisa Simpson told Arcara.
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  • Whether he's swimming with dolphins in the Pacific Ocean or drawing inspiration from rappers, Marc Benioff has broken the CEO mold while running Inc. for the past decade.
    Some of his antics seem calculated to make a point about the importance of daring to be unconventional, a method that has worked well for him.
    Benioff, 45, wouldn't be a billionaire and wouldn't have emerged as an even better investment than Google if he hadn't been able to persuade so many corporate decision makers to change their ways. rents software for managing customer relationships and delivers its product exclusively over the Internet. The concept, often called "cloud computing," is hot now, but it was considered a pie-in-the-sky notion when Benioff started Salesforce at the height of the dot-com boom in 1999.

  • A 12-year-old South St. Paul girl used Facebook and an internet-enabled iPod to report a sexual assault last Saturday by her mother’s ex-boyfriend.
    Raymond Ernest Cesmat, 42, has been charged in Dakota County with two counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct for the July 10 assault. According to the criminal complaint, the girl’s mother spent the night at her new boyfriend’s home that night, leaving her at home with Cesmat.
  • Zuckerberg — who with friends dreamed up the world's largest social network in a Harvard dorm room — told ABC he was "quite sure" he had signed no contract handing over ownership rights to the company, disputing a claim to an 84-percent interest.
    Last month, Paul Ceglia of Wellsville, New York, sued Zuckerberg and Facebook Inc, claiming a 2003 contract with Zuckerberg to develop and design a website now entitled him to a majority stake in the privately held company.
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  • HTML5, the next version of the markup language used to build Web pages, has attracted attention for its ability to show video inside a Web browser without using plug-ins, such as Adobe's Flash. But lesser-known features could ultimately have a much bigger impact on how users experience the Web.
    Experts say that what HTML5 does behind the scenes–such as its network communications and browser storage features–could make pages load faster (particularly on sluggish mobile devices), make Web applications work more smoothly, and even enable browsers to read older Web pages more easily.
  • Internet infrastructure services provider VeriSign has launched some new features that will provide increased security for website owners and continued trust for the consumers who visit them. The makers of the VeriSign Trust Seal and the strongest Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption service available unveiled their Seal-in-Search technology and daily malware scans for all site operators in possession of the VeriSign SSL Certificate.
  • Natalie Malaszenko has always loved pets. A 31-year-old resident of San Diego, Calif., she has a dog named Sarge and a cat named Leo. Years ago, when she lived in Texas, she took care of cows and horses and even a stray emu. In recent months, however, since beginning a full-time job at the pet retailer Petco, she has taken on the additional responsibility of tending to a breed of notoriously unruly carnivores, capable of scaring off even the most patient caregiver—namely, online commenters. So far, Malaszenko says she loves them, too.

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