links for 2010-08-19

  • I’ve been reading the book “The Black Swan” recently on the recommendation of my two partners. I had heard about the book for years, but it never made it off my “to-read” list until now.
    One of the concepts that the book discusses is the way we think of risk differently when we are generating profits vs. when we are minimizing losses. The simple illustration goes something like this:
    If someone gave you the offer of $100, no strings attached, vs. flipping a coin for the chance of winning $200, what would you choose? Although both options are mathematically equivalent, most folks would choose the $100.
    (tags: vc)
  • It’s embarrassing, isn’t it?
    Doing “the elevator pitch” feels so awkward, embarrassing and unnatural — like you’re hawking a product on a late night infomercial. Yet it’s such an important part of the job search that everybody has to have one.
    You know, when I speak around the country to groups of job-seekers, it’s one of the most common questions I get: “How do I do the elevator pitch without sounding goofy, or hucksterish, or like I’m babbling?”
    I totally understand.
    Trying to sum up your professional career in thirty seconds gives many people pause.

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