links for 2010-09-28

  • A spokesperson for Sony Ericsson says that the company has no plans to build new Symbian-based smartphones. Much like Motorola, which restored its competitiveness by dropping Symbian and its own in-house Linux effort in favor of Android in 2008, Sony Ericsson appears to be committed to Google's mobile operating system.

    This reflects the general trend of declining interest in Symbian among handset makers. The last major remaining ally of the Symbian platform in the smartphone market is Nokia, which recently launched new Symbian^3 products and intends to use the platform on budget midrange handsets as it transitions to Linux-based MeeGo for high-end smartphones. Sony Ericsson will remain a member of the Symbian Foundation, an organization that was founded to facilitate vendor-neutral collaboration around the platform. It's possible that Sony Ericsson could eventually start using Symbian again if the foundation succeeds in its efforts to modernize the platform.

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