links for 2010-11-09

  • Dr. Robert Cialdini is an internationally renowned persuasion expert and President of Influence At Work. He has researched persuasion techniques partially by putting himself through a wide variety of training and indoctrination environments where convincing others was paramount. He has also conducted formal university research studies to refine his findings. His books have sold in the millions of copies over an extended period of time. He is simply the world's highest authority on persuasion and influence. What he was able to formulate through his work are several principle of universal persuasion that operate across all cultures and circumstances. You can think of these as automatic compliance mechanisms that once set into motion are very difficult to resist.
  • All successful entrepreneurs share at least one trait: a passion for the businesses they have created. But what happens when it’s time to move on? In the rare moments when entrepreneurs pause to think about it, they are by turns terrified, exhilarated, and just plain mystified by the prospect of life after business.
  • Victoria M. Holt, a senior vice president of PPG Industries Inc., quit late this summer to take command of Spartech Corp., where she previously was an outside director. "I hate to do this to you,'' she recalls telling PPG Chief Executive Charles E. Bunch during a meeting in his office. No wonder. Ms Holt left just three months after colleague William A. Wulfsohn resigned to run Carpenter Technology Corp., where he also had served on the board. Mr. Bunch wishes both "success in their new positions,'' a PPG spokesman says. For many executives, a corporate directorship offers a route to move ahead at their current company or elsewhere because the stint enhances their leadership skills and visibility. But landing and leveraging a board seat demand a different and longer campaign than a conventional job search.
  • Soon after Apple launched the iPad this spring, Callaway Golf Company bought about 80 of the tablets for its marketing and sales departments. Before long, most of those employees began using a content-sharing tool called as a way to recommend and comment on articles about leadership and personal growth, even though the IT department never sanctioned the software. Says Jim Vaughn, Callaway's head of sales development: "I'm not even sure how or when Box was put into the picture." But the software is now in use among thousands of Callaway employees with tablets and smart phones.
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