links for 2010-11-23

  • When you are starting up your own company, you’re generally not thinking about acquisition.  Any stock you give for services (or sweat equity) is likely done out of necessity and expediency. For the successful and the lucky, those distant dreams of acquisition can become reality. But there are a number of hurdles you can inadvertently set up for yourself in the early days of your company that can make that more difficult. Here are five to beware of:
  • Facebook Inc. introduced an e-mail service for users of its social-networking site, stepping up competition with Google Inc., Yahoo! Inc. and Microsoft Corp. Facebook is giving all users an "" e-mail address, Mark Zuckerberg, the company's chief executive officer, said today at an event in San Francisco. The new service will include text messaging and instant messaging as well as traditional e-mail. By adding e-mail, Palo Alto, California-based Facebook provides an alternative to Google's Gmail, the fastest-growing Web mail service in the past year. It also steps up pressure on Microsoft and Yahoo, which are vying for the attention of Web users, who rely more on social sites for information and staying in touch with friends.
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