links for 2010-12-04

  • It’s well-chronicled now that Groupon Inc.’s venture capital backers and founders stand to make hundreds of millions, if not billions, of dollars in a multi-billion sale to Google Inc. But such a deal would also make multi-millionaires out of several managers at Groupon, which was founded only four years ago. As points out, some senior leaders hired early on at the director level are likely holding stock grants worth a quarter of a percentage point, or 0.25%, of Groupon’s equity. A sale price of $6 billion would mean those shares would be worth about $15 million.
  • This year, 32.3 million moms will go online at least once a month. eMarketer defines a mom as any adult female with children under 18 in the household. That means a lot of little eyes will be looking over her shoulder or under her elbow at the screen, taking in all the sights (and sites).
    (tags: mobile kids)
  • During the Internet boom, investors were mostly interested in the potential of a company. These days nothing is considered a sure thing and if your startup business isn’t on the right track, or if you haven’t done your homework as an entrepreneur, then you won’t have much luck raising capital. The following are 10 tips to help you secure the financial support and funding your business may need to succeed.
  • Do you have a purpose in your business that goes beyond making money? • Harley-Davidson’s mission is to “fulfill dreams through the experience of motorcycling.” • Southwest Airlines is trying to “democratize air travel so that all Americans can visit a loved one or relative at a happy and sad time in their lives.” • Nike is attempting to “bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.”
    (tags: leadership)

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