links for 2010-12-10

  • Consumers are more interested in ensuring their online transactions are secure than in being able to quickly find what they’re looking for via a site’s product search when they shop at, and, suggests a report released this week from uTest Inc., a software testing company. The findings are based on the experiences of some 600 software testers in 28 countries that work with uTest. 30% of the testers rated fraud protection as the most important attribute for what uTest calls specialty e-retailers, beating out product search availability, with about 22%, and the site’s ease of use, with nearly 20%.
  • Android chief Andy Rubin tweeted that Google is now activating about 300,000 Android handsets per day. In January, that rate was 60,000 per day. Android's rate of growth has increased five-fold in the last 11 months. In early August, Google CEO Eric Schmidt announced that Android's daily activation rate had reached 200,000. A mighty feat, more than double the pace of iPhone sales (at that time). The Symbian Foundation was quick to respond, however, and said that it was already activating 300,000 Symbian devices per day. Well, now Android and Google are activating the same number of smartphones per day.

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