links for 2011-01-13

  • Sorry for crushing your dreams but your Web app for tracking happiness levels (or for “social-aware” to-do lists) is probably not going to make enough money to let you retire in Hawaii. Many programmers and developers find making a Web app very satisfying and there is nothing wrong with that – as long as you are doing it for fun, it’s OK. Making apps is the trivial part. Afterall, most are nothing more than a slick interface for CRUD (create, read, update and delete) operations. The key to making money is to find a market where people are willing to pay for those simple CRUD operations.
  • Niccolo Machiavelli was an Italian diplomat and writer. He lived in the late 15th and early 16th centuries, a time when Italy consisted of a large number of independent cities, all in a virtually perpetual state of war. As Machiavelli navigated through this complex and dangerous environment, he learned the skills needed to survive and thrive. Among his writing, the most famous and important work is The Prince, in which he outlines the mental attitudes and strategies necessary for achieving security and being successful in a hostile environment.
  • eMarketer estimates 31% of mobile users, or 73.3 million people in the US, have a smartphone this year. Penetration is still growing fairly quickly, and smartphones will be in the hands of 43% of mobile users by 2015. As advanced handsets reach more consumers, the app revolution has taken off—but research suggests that app adoption still shows evidence of being most popular among typical early-adopter demographics. Overall, and Harris Interactive found that 69% of US smartphone owners had downloaded a mobile app as of October 2010. Among men the figure was 74%, while just 62% of women said they had downloaded apps.
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