links for 2011-02-20

  • People are more likely to change careers and move organizations than in the past, and this trend includes the top dogs. Six years is the most common length of time that the average U.S. manager stays with any given employer, says Monika Hamori, the author of a recent article in the Academy of Management Perspectives. And when it comes to open positions, about two-thirds are filled by outsiders to the firm. That’s why headhunting is big business.
    (tags: hr recruiting)
  • Talent rules. Changing a business plan is easier than discovering and developing the top talent to make that change happen. Recognizing this, more and more boards and investors are asking the question: How good is our leader in attracting the very best talent out there?
    (tags: hr recruiting)
  • When a company acquires your business, they are buying the people as much as anything. Experience has shown that the most successful acquisitions require the team to stick around, at least for a while. But if everyone is getting cashed out day one, there is very little incentive to stick around. Therein lies the stay package. There are a number of different variations on the stay package to deal with different deal scenarios. I will group them into three main categories for the purposes of this blog post but there are many variations around these three main categories. Every deal is different. There is no standard deal in the M&A business.
  • The ‘S’ in HTTPS stands for ‘secure’ and the security is provided by SSL/TLS. SSL/TLS is a standard network protocol which is implemented in every browser and web server to provide confidentiality and integrity for HTTPS traffic. If there's one point that we want to communicate to the world, it's that SSL/TLS is not computationally expensive any more. Ten years ago it might have been true, but it's just not the case any more. You too can afford to enable HTTPS for your users.
  • Thousands of people are descending on San Francisco this week to check out the latest in computer security at the RSA Conference, and among them will be angel investors and venture capitalists looking for their next deal. Despite years of work by security vendors, companies and the government, our computers are far from secure, and some VCs think security is finally being taken seriously enough that the opportunity to make money has arrived.
    (tags: security vc)
  • A price-based antidilution adjustment is a mechanism to protect investors in the event that the company sells securities at a price lower than the price of the securities purchased by such investors. It can, however, be devastating to the founders. It’s important to first understand that upon the issuance of preferred stock to an investor in a Series A round, that investor has the right (and the obligation, in certain instances) to convert the preferred stock into common stock, and conversion ratio is set at one-for-one.   The formula for determining the conversion ratio is the original issuance price of the preferred stock divided by the conversion price (which originally is the price paid).

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