links for 2011-03-23

  • A good accountant, of course, is a pre-requisite for smart tax preparation, something that may be on your mind as April 15 looms large. But the fact is, accountants can do considerably more for you than help you to fulfill your obligations to the Internal Revenue Service. A smart CPA, especially one who has worked with a lot of small businesses, is able to do everything from introducing you to helpful lawyers to providing business advice.   “Your accountant can become like another business partner,” says Josh Dubrow, a CPA with Nussbaum Yates Berg Klein & Wolpow, a New York City-based accounting firm, and vice president of the small business outreach committee of the New York State Society of CPAs. The key is understanding how to get the most out of your accountant—and not let that invaluable resource go to waste.  Take these steps:  
  • This is the decade of not relying on your gut instinct. Think about it. Everywhere you turn, some so-called ‘expert’ is doling out instructions on what to eat! What to wear! How to raise your kids! How to make millions! The idea is that THEY know the secret to diet/love/family/financial success, and you'll be happier if you only follow them. Not once do they tell you to check in with yourself.   That’s too bad, because we’d be a lot better off if we listened to our inner voices, especially in business. I can’t tell you how many women I know who partnered with someone they had a bad feeling about, or did a deal with someone they suspected would rip them off, only to be proven right. They ignored the gnawing sensation in their gut, and they ended up suffering.

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