links for 2011-04-06

  • Cloud computing is a priority for enterprises seeking greater agility, operational efficiency and overall cost reduction, but security concerns continue to inhibit its use. Half of all companies not adopting cloud computing cite security as the reason, according to a Forrester Research October 2010 study, "Security and the Cloud." Whether considering a private cloud or public cloud, IT professionals face new security and compliance challenges. As data moves to the cloud, it can migrate internally to a mixed trust environment or outside of the traditional corporate perimeter to environments that lead to nightmare scenarios among security professionals. While non-sensitive data in the cloud poses little concern, securing sensitive data is a major challenge. Encryption, when properly deployed and managed, can enable enterprises to safely cloud-enable applications and control sensitive corporate or personal information in the cloud.
  • THE OPEN SOURCE mobile operating system Android now accounts for a third of total smartphone marketshare, according to the latest report by Comscore. Comscore put Android at 33 per cent of the smartphone subscriber base for the three month period ending in February of this year. That's a seven per cent increase from the previous Comscore report in November 2010, where Android came in at 26 per cent. During the same period Apple saw a tiny increase in its share from 25 per cent to 25.2 per cent. All of the other major rivals saw decreases, with RIM falling from 33.5 per cent to 28.9 per cent, Windows Phone down from nine per cent to

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