links for 2011-07-16

  • Google launched its Facebook competitor, Google+, just over a week ago now. Even though sign-ups have so far been limited to a fraction of Facebook's 750 million users, it already appears that, for a lot of people, Google+ will become the other social network they need to use. Why? Because a significant fraction of their friends will force them to. It's not just that Google+ has 10-person video hangouts, or that Google+ is magically free of privacy worries. It's that Google has created the opportunity for Facebook-weary people to perform what one called "a reset on Facebook," allowing them to escape from Facebook members they've friended over the years but don't really want to interact with—and can't quite bring themselves to defriend.
  • Let's face it, there's something hypnotic about the whole process. An entrepreneur with a vision gets a chance to present to a group of successful founders who've now entered into the waters of venture capital. And Daymond Johns is both a great entrepreneur and a friend–so how can you not love seeing him support the next generation of innovators? Sure, they're "Sharks"–but heck, you think you can wow them, or charm them, or bluff them. You're going to be a winner, and with their capital and their Rolodex, you'll be on your way to the angel investor's promised land. WHOA. Stop right there.

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