links for 2011-08-25

  • “To all the startups out there, staying caffeinated, pulling all-nighters, trying to launch something amazing, this song is dedicated to you.” So begins “Takin’ VC Money (Money Cash IPO’s),” a clever new rap song released by music-sharing startup Cardinal. The rather hilarious track — posted to Soundcloud Thursday by Cardinal co-founder and techie rapper Cory Smith — has the stylings of a typical rap hit, but chronicles some of the highlights of the startup life: raising capital, attracting celebrity attention, 5-Hour Energy binges, getting launch coverage and concerns about pivoting.
    (tags: rap song vc)
  • HP announced today that it will stop making phones and tablets using the WebOS operating system. The company had hoped to use these devices and software to get a leg up in the incredibly competitive mobile devices market. In an earnings call, HP executives praised the WebOS software, even while admitting the failure of the associated hardware. CEO Leo Apotheker called WebOS "elegant," and said the company plans to keep the software and perhaps license it. However, CFO Cathie Lesjak followed with numbers illustrating why HP has no choice but to dump its manufacture of WebOS hardware.
    (tags: hp webos)
  • Ever since the news broke last week that Hugo Chávez wanted to transport 211 tons of physical gold from Europe to Caracas, I’ve been wondering how on earth he possibly intends to do such a thing. There are 99 tons already being held at the Bank of England; according to the FT, the plan is to transfer other gold to the Bank of England from custodians such as Barclays, HSBC, and Standard Chartered; then, once it’s all in one place, um, well, nobody has a clue what might happen. Here’s the best guess from the FT:
    (tags: golf venezuela)

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