uKnowKids Review & Rating… 4 stars (Very Good) –

Do you know your children's friends? Sure, you may meet some of them when they come over to play Dead Rising 2 or work on homework with your kid, but a huge amount of a modern kid's social interaction happens online. uKnowKids ($9.95/month or $99.95/year) aims to help you get familiar with your child's circle of online friends and warn you of any risky or inappropriate online interactions. It doesn't attempt to impose parental control on the kids; it's strictly an informational tool.


PC Magazine rated uKnowKids 4 stars (Very Good).

Not bad for a product and company that has been financed on a dime, not a dollar to date.

Congratulations to the entire team. Well done!

One thought on “uKnowKids Review & Rating… 4 stars (Very Good) –

  1. Health and Lifestyle for kids

    Increases in this world, in technology, it is difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle for children.There is always a common scenario in every family, children keep their gaming consoles, mobile phone, laptop and see too much time watching television….

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